The moment an explosive device exploded in a military vehicle of the Southern forces. September 12, 2022 (South24)

Abyan: 18 Southern Forces Killed and Wounded by AQAP Explosive Devices


Mon, 12-09-2022 06:01 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24)

Six soldiers were killed and 12 others were wounded today when improvised explosive device exploded targeting the Southern forces in Abyan governorate, east of Aden.

A military source told "South24" that a number of explosive devices, planted by members believed to be affiliate with AQAP, exploded coinciding with the entry of the Southern forces into the city of Mudiyah in the central region of Abyan.

According to the source, a military vehicle loaded with soldiers exploded, killing 6 of them. Others, including senior military commanders, were injured in separate explosions.

The Security Belt in Abyan announced that the Security Belt commander in the Central Region, Colonel Wael al-Jaari, had survived two assassination attempts with explosive devices in Mudiyah.

The Southern forces in Abyan also announced the injury of the commander of the 103rd Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Abdul Qadir al-Jaari, when another explosive device exploded in the same city.

Today, the Southern forces entered the district of Mudiyah, one of the districts of central Abyan, as part of the "Eastern Arrows" operation, which has been going on for weeks in the governorate against AQAP. 

Mudiyah is considered one of the most prominent areas of the spread of AQAP in Abyan, central South Yemen. Earlier, the Southern forces were deployed in the coastal road and the districts of Lauder and Al-Wadhei. 

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