Soldier of the Southern forces at the entrance of Aden International Airport. (AFP)

Abyan: 9 Casualties of the Southern Forces Soldiers by Explosive Devices


Sun, 09-10-2022 04:51 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24) 

Seven soldiers of the Southern forces were killed and two others were wounded today when explosive devices exploded in Abyan governorate.

According to the Southern Forces spokesperson Mohammad al-Naqib, in a statement to "South24", two explosive devices exploded at the entrance to Wadi Oemran in Mudiyah district, killing the soldiers.

Yesterday, the Southern forces entered Al-Mahfad district as part of the fourth phase of the "Arrows of the East" operation, which targets AQAP in the central districts of Abyan.

Yesterday, the Southern forces announced their control of the center of the district, and their deployment in a number of military sites after removing explosive devices and mines planted in the roads.

In mid-September, the Southern forces took control of the largest military camp for in "Wadi Oemran" in Mudiyah district, in the center of the governorate.

The Southern forces suffered many casualties as a result of violent attacks carried out by the militants of the extremist organization, and the explosive devices and mines claimed the lives of many soldiers.

Al-Mahfad district is the last area to witness a presence of AQAP in Abyan, after securing a number of districts by the Southern forces during the past weeks.

In a separate context, the Security Belt Forces announced yesterday the seizure of a bus carrying shells, bombs and ammunition in Al-Arish area in the capital Aden.

The Security forces said that a point belonging to it was able to seize 4 RBG shells and a number of hand grenades, in addition to dozens of rounds of the 23 mm anti-aircraft machine gun.

The security forces in Aden had announced earlier that they had raised their readiness to the maximum degree, coinciding with the announcement of military operations against AQAP in Abyan and Shabwa.

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