Pictures of the military vehicle after it was bombed were shown near the residential houses. February 7, 2023 (Sabri Askar)

Abyan: Six Causalities of the Southern Forces in an AQAP Attack


Tue, 07-02-2023 02:45 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24) 

Two commanders of the Southern Forces were killed today and 4 others were wounded, in an explosive device attack in Abyan governorate, east of the capital city Aden.

A military source told "South24 Center" that an explosive device erupted against a military vehicle of the Southern Forces, in Mudiyah district, in the center of Abyan.

The explosion claimed the lives of the head of operations of the Fifth Brigade Support and Support (B), Colonel Abdullah Saad Barjeela, and the commander, Meshaal Al-Alayani.

AQAP is likely to be behind the explosion. The organization had previously claimed responsibility for the previous operations that took place in the same district.

Pictures of the military vehicle after it was bombed were shown near the residential houses.

This attack is the seventh of its kind against the Southern Forces in Abyan governorate, since the beginning of the new year, according to monitoring conducted by South24 Center teams.

Since the beginning of the year, the explosive devices in the central regions of Abyan have killed about 14 soldiers from the Southern Forces, and wounded 13 others.

Another attack in the Al-Rawdah area of Shabwa governorate, on January 21, killed a soldier of the Shabwa Defense Forces and wounded another.

In early January, the Southern Forces announced the start of the second phase of operation "Arrows of the East" against AQAP in Abyan, and the formation of a number of security brigades.

In a separate context, the STC Presidency announced its support for the decision issued by the Administrative Court in Aden to stop the decision to raise the price of the customs dollar.

The statement said, "We welcome the Administrative Court's decision to stop raising the price of the customs dollar, and the formation of a committee by the Council of Ministers to review it."

In January, the Supreme Economic Council approved an increase of 50% on the price of the dollar used in Yemeni customs, which is subject to the internationally recognized legitimate government.

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