Aden Calls Upon the International Community to Support the Return of its Media Organizations


Wed, 09-06-2021 09:00 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24)

Aden’s local authorities called the international community on Tuesday to protect journalists and media organizations of South Yemen, and to support the efforts aimed at returning and developing those organizations, as well as to provide justice for those who belong to them.

According to a press release from Huda Al Kazemi, the Director of the Information Office in Aden, this support would boost the independence of media and journalism as well as  enhance security and stability, in addition to entrench the values of coexistence and peace.

Such a declaration comes hours after  a statement issued by the International Federation of Journalists(IFJ) which accuses the Southern Transitional Council(STC) of seizing and taking control of the headquarter of Saba News Agency in Aden according to the Syndicate of the Yemeni Journalists.

IFJ called STC to leash its control on media organizations in Aden.

“The return of media organizations in Aden to serve its national role has become a target sought by the local authorities in the governorate after 6 full years of failing to perform its duties on the part of the Ministry of Information” Al Kazemi said.

Al Kazemi, who serves also, as a member of the National Southern Media Authority added: “It is unfair to leave Aden devoid of its longstanding media outlets or to accept marginalizing its cadres and expertise, or to hide the reality from the eyes of people”.

The Aden local authorities and the STC, according to Al kazemi, seek to save the media organizations in Aden as well as restore their leading role and put an end to the systematic destruction policy.

“The media organizations in Aden were subjected to the destruction of materials and irreplaceable historic documents as well as looting their ancient archives” she clarified.

The National Southern Media Authority, which is newly founded by Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, the president of STC declared its intention to reactivate Aden News Agency, the official news agency of South before the unity with North in May 22, 1990.

Some South’s journalists complain about marginalization practices due to the policies adopted by North’s authorities which ruled South over past years. The Syndicate of Yemeni Journalists is still managed by the elite in North.

The war spread its devastating effects related to the media discourse of various parties in Yemen.

For his part, Anthony Belange, IFJ Secretary General said: “This reveals the extent of the governmental media policy failure in Yemen due to the governmental control of public media outlets and exploiting them as a propaganda machine promoting their policies”.

- Photo: Governor of Aden Ahmed Lamlas during a meeting with the first three women appointed to administrative positions in Aden, including Huda Al-Kazemi, February 2021 (official)

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