Photo: The place of the explosion in Khormaksar, June 29, 2022 (Eyewitness for South24)

Aden: Dead and Wounded in an Explosion Targeting Senior Military Commander


Wed, 29-06-2022 06:08 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Today, six people were killed and seven others injured in an explosion targeting a senior military commander in Aden, South Yemen.

According to a security source who spoke to "South24", a car bomb targeted the convoy of Major General Saleh Al-Sayed, the Commander-in-Chief of the Backup and Support Brigades and Lahj Security Director, while it was traveling through Khormaksar district in Aden. 

According to the source, the exploded car killed 4 soldiers accompanying Al-Sayed on the spot and two citizens, including a woman who was on a public transport bus.

The explosion occurred next to the College of Education, a site crowded with students.

South24 correspondent reported that security forces arrested several suspects who were at explosion site for interrogation after closing the roads leading to the scene of the explosion.

The correspondent reported that security forces prevented journalists and media outlets from reaching the scene of the explosion, amid a heavy security deployment.

In addition, a source in Aden Security Department told "South24" that the specialized security teams dismantled two explosive devices in the explosion site.

The Southern Storm Forces also announced that they had dismantled another explosive car at the same site.

In a video broadcasted by Aden Independent Channel (AIC), Major General Saleh Al-Sayed vowed to pursue the perpetrators and those involved. Al-Sayed said, "We assure the people of South that we are fine and that we will confront terrorism wherever it is found."

This operation comes months after the assassination of the commander of Al-Anad military axis, Major General Thabet Jawas, in a similar operation in the Green City, north of Aden, on March 23.

The commander of the Southern Forces Joint Operations, Major General Saleh Al-Dharhani, was also subjected to a similar assassination attempt in mid-May, in Al-Mualla, Aden.

The Counter-terrorism Unit in Aden had published separate videos, including the confession of a "terrorist cell" of being behind the assassination of Major General Jawas, and the attempt to assassinate Major General Al-Dharhani.

The defendants, who appeared in the videos, said that they received direct instructions from the Islah-affiliate and the commander of the Transportation Brigade Amjad Khaled, to carry out the operations.

In its statement, the Counter-terrorism Unit said that these cells, led by Amjad Khaled, are closely linked to the Houthis. Later, Amjad Khaled denied these accusations.

According to security sources, Amjad Khaled resides in the city of Al-Turbah in Taiz, North Yemen, since he fled Aden during the August 2019 events.

Saleh Al-Sayed is a senior Southern military commander who led security campaigns against AQAP and ISIS in Lahj governorate after 2015. He was appointed in June 2021 as the Commander of the Backup and Support Brigades by a decision of the STC President.

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