The arrested cell in Aden (official)

Aden: Security Forces Arrest an Armed «Terrorist» Cell


Mon, 24-10-2022 04:20 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Yesterday, security forces in the capital city Aden arrested an armed "terrorist" cell in Dar Saad district, north of the city.

The official security page quoted a statement stating: "In a qualitative operation, the security forces were able to arrest a terrorist cell that was charged with targeting security and military commanders in the capital city Aden."

The statement added: "According to intelligent information, this cell is affiliate with the Transportation Brigade led by the security wanted Amjad Khaled."

The statement indicated that the armed cell received training in "Al-Turbah" area in Taiz governorate, an area controlled by pro-Islah forces.

The cell consists of eight individuals, and it was planning to target Southern commanders through direct assassinations and explosive devices, according to the security statement.

Dar Saad Police Director Colonel Musleh Al-Dharhani said: "The cell was moving under the guidance and funding of commanders in the Transportation Brigade. They were provided with money and equipment to facilitate their movements."

According to the security, the cell admitted the charges against it after investigations, and its file was submitted to the Public Prosecution Office for full legal action.

On March 23, the prominent Southern military commander Major General Thabet Jawas and a number of his escort were assassinated by an explosive car, north of Aden.

On the 29th of the same month, gunmen assassinated the commander of the Security Belt Forces, Captain Karam al-Mashriqi, in the center of Sheikh Othman district.

The head of the joint operations of the Southern Forces, Major General Saleh Al-Dharhani, was also subjected to an assassination attempt on May 15, with a car bomb that attempted to target his convoy in Al-Mualla district.

Later, the Counter-terrorism forces in Aden released videos of defendants who admitted their association with the Transportation Brigade led by Brigadier General Amjad Khaled, who is close to the Islah party.

In August 2019, Amjad Khaled fled Aden with hundreds of his members after battles with the STC's forces.

His name was also mentioned in the confessions of those accused of attempting to assassinate the current governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, on October 2021, and the responsibility behind a bloody bombing in front of Aden International Airport that left 30 civilians dead and wounded.

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