Scene of the explosion site. 15 May 2022 (South24)

Aden: Senior Southern Forces Commander Survives an Assassination Attempt


Sun, 15-05-2022 04:32 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Hours ago, a high-ranking military commander in the Southern forces survived an assassination attempt with a car bomb in Al-Mualla main street in the capital city, Aden.

According to a security source for "South24", a parked car exploded while the convoy of Major General Saleh Ali Al-Dharhani, commander of Joint Operations in the Southern Forces, was passing on the street.

According to the source, the explosion occurred in front of Al-Mualla police station and did not leave any casualties among the members of the convoy or civilians who were at the scene of the incident.

The explosion area includes a public garden and a kindergarten, in addition to a commercial building crowded with citizens.

Al-Dharhani is one of the most prominent military commanders in the Southern forces, and he also holds the position of Chief of Staff of the 4th Military District (Aden - Lahj - Abyan - Al-Dhalea - Taiz).

This is the first attempt of its kind in Aden since the arrival of the newly formed Presidential Council in early April.

The assassination attempt came after a series of violent incidents that took place in the governorates of South Yemen, targeting Southern forces.

On May 6, armed men believed to be affiliate with AQAP attacked the Security Belt Forces headquarter north of Aden.

As a result of the northern Aden attack, two prominent security commanders in the Southern forces and a soldier were killed. All the attacking members were killed according to a statement by the Southern forces.

It should be noted that this attempt comes less than two months after the assassination of Major General Thabet Jawas, the commander of Al-Anad military axis, and the commander in the Security Belt forces, Captain Karam Al-Mashreqi, in late March in Aden.

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