Rashad Al-Alimi in the Arab League Summit. 2 November 2022 (Saba)

Al-Alimi Calls on Arab Leaders to Designate the Houthis as a «Terrorist Organization»


Wed, 02-11-2022 08:05 PM, Aden

Algiers (South24) 

Today, Yemen's PLC Chairman Rashad Al-Alimi called on Arab leaders at the Algiers Summit to designate the Houthis as a "terrorist organization."

"We call on you, Arab brothers, to designate the Houthis as a terrorist organization, as we did earlier," Al-Alimi said during a speech on the second day of the summit.

He added, "The Houthis have 500,000 Yemenis and planted millions of mines. They have also evaded the terms of the UN truce by refusing to renew it."

Al-Alimi said the Houthis targeted oil ports in Hadramout and Shabwa, South Yemen, to plunge the country "into an economic and humanitarian crisis."

Al-Alimi called for "joint Arab action to confront the Houthi project in Yemen." He said that "more than 80% of Yemenis are in need for humanitarian aid because of the Houthis."

Al-Alimi called on the Arab countries to support the PLC to confront Iranian interference in Yemen, and to stop the flow of arms shipments and military expertise to the Houthis.

In the final declaration of the 31st Arab League Summit, in Algeria, Arab leaders stressed the need to renew the UN truce in Yemen.

Leaders and head of delegations participating in the Arab League Summit in Algiers, Algeria November 1, 2022. (Reuters)

The statement added: "We support efforts for a political solution to end the crisis and conflict in Yemen, in accordance with the approved references."

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan also stressed the need for Arab support for Yemen's PLC, and affirmed Riyadh's full support to it.

In his speech, bin Farhan said that Saudi Arabia supported the efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen to extend the truce that ended a month ago without an agreement so far.

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, accused the Houthis of "evading."

Aboul Gheit said at the opening session of the Algiers Summit: "The Houthis continue to evade and we continue to support the legitimate Yemeni government."

Other Arab leaders, including the presidents of Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and Djibouti, also called for a political settlement to the crisis in Yemen and the need to end the suffering of the people.

The Crown Prince of Kuwait called on Iran to stop its interference in Yemen and the region. He also called for holding accountable the "perpetrators of crimes" in the country, and expressed his country's support for efforts to extend the truce.

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