The expanded meeting today in Tarim, Hadramout governorate (By: Osama Jeridan)

An Expanded Meeting in Hadramout Demands the Departure of the First Military District


Sat, 03-09-2022 08:20 PM, Aden

Hadramout (South24)

Earlier today, an expanded meeting of the political, tribal and civil components in Hadramut governorate demanded the departure of the First Military District from the governorate.

The meeting, which included the bodies of the STC, the Hadrami "Upraising" Leadership, the Inclusive Hadramout Conference, and civil figures, warned of the continued presence of these forces. 

In a statement, the meeting accused the First Military District of Wadi Hadramout of protecting "the oil mafia and facilitating the work of terrorist groups."

"95% of the military force members which control Hadramout are from areas controlled by the Houthis in North Yemen," the statement added

The Hadrami components warned of the dangers of handing over Wadi Hadramout to the Houthis, recalling the fall of the coastal areas in the hands of AQAP in 2015.

The statement reiterated a number of demands previously adopted by the Hadrami "Upraising", most notably the formation of a force of 25,000 soldiers from the governorate's people to protect the Wadi areas.

The statement stressed the need for "military and civil appointments in Hadramout to be for qualified people from the governorate."

The statement pledged to start an escalation in Hadramout, calling on all the people of the governorate to support and participate in it.

The city of Tarim, one of the largest cities in the Wadi Hadramout, witnessed yesterday, a mass event that demanded the departure of the First Military District and improving living services.

According to local sources who spoke to "South24", security checkpoints for the First Military District prevented participants from different areas in Wadi Hadramout from reaching the city of Tarim to participate in the mass event.

Yesterday, Al-Mahra governorate, adjacent to Hadramout, witnessed a massive rally in the city of Al-Ghaydah, the capital of the governorate, to demand the security and military empowerment of the local people.

A field report by the South24 Center had revealed the spread of Northern forces in Al-Mahra, similar to what have been witnessed in Wadi Hadramout, which have been present even before 2015 and considered by the locals to be an "occupation".

In a related context, the STC Presidency warned today from the use of force by the Northern forces against the popular and civil movements in Hadramout and Al-Mahra.

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