AQAP Strengthens its Presence in Gov. Controlled Areas in Yemen


Wed, 19-05-2021 11:48 AM, Aden Time

Aden (south24)

AQAP released a new video on Tuesday evening showcasing its attacks on pro-STC Security Belt Forces (SBF) checkpoints in Abyan governorate, South Yemen.

The video entitled (From the Field), published on "SITE website" specialized in terrorist groups, revealed a scene of armed men wearing traditional and military uniforms carrying machine guns during two separate attacks for Al-Qaeeda on March 18 and 19 in Abyan. (1) Written on some parts of the footage "A Message to the UAE".

In comments to the new video, produced by AQAP's platform "Al-Malahim", Southern Armed Forces Spokesperson, Mohammed Alnaqib stated on Twitter that "when Security Belt forces were securing Abyan, terrorist members were not able to show presence". (2)

Alnaqib accused the "Muslim Brotherhood" and government forces to "formally sponsor ISIS and AQAP logistically, tactically and on media". The Yemeni government has not yet respond to these accusations. 

"The battle of eradicating terrorism is ongoing against terrorist organization and militants including their support and financial resources" he added.

"AlQaeda in Yemen releases slick new video stoking tensions in south", said Elisabeth Kendall, Senior Research Fellow in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Pembroke College, Oxford University. (3)

This past Monday, AQAP launched a third attack on Security Belt forces headquarter in Lauder district, Abyan, according to security source. (4)

Last March, AQAP claimed two separate attack against SBF checkpoints in Al-Wade'a and Ahwar districts, killed 13 people including 9 soldiers and 4 civils.