Calmness in Marib and Rising Violence in Shabwa and Al Bayda (Overview)


Thu, 15-07-2021 08:33 AM, Aden Time


Last week in Yemen, intense clashes in Al Bayda governorate resulted in the most violent week ever recorded by ACLED in the governorate. Meanwhile, tensions between the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and the Hadi government remain high in South Yemen. 

A pro-Hadi offensive on Houthi-held territory in Al Bayda governorate last week underpinned the most violent week ever recorded in the governorate since the start of ACLED coverage in 2015. Armed clashes were concentrated in the southeastern districts of Al Bayda, Az Zahir, As Sawmaaah, and Dhi Naim, with Hadi forces supported by the Saudi-led coalition, the Giants Brigades, and Al Humayqani tribesmen. Significant pro-Hadi advances were recorded throughout the week. However, Houthi forces claim to have reversed a number of those gains in a large counter-offensive, notably by recapturing the entirety of Az Zahir district.

In Marib governorate, political violence decreased considerably last week, most likely as a direct result of the Al Bayda offensive. As anticipated, the Al Bayda offensive has likely forced Houthi forces to divert their war effort from Marib, where they had launched a renewed offensive in late June.

In South Yemen, demonstrations sponsored by the secessionist STC took place in several governorates to commemorate the victory of northern forces over southern forces in 1994, dubbed as “Southern Invasion Day”. In Shabwah, several of these demonstrations were met with harsh repression from pro-Hadi security forces affiliated with the Islah party. Although the Saudi government recently reaffirmed both parties’ commitment to ensure peace in South Yemen, tensions between the STC and the Hadi government continue to grow.

In Saudi Arabia, no Houthi attacks were recorded last week, for the first time since January 2021. As with the decrease of political violence in Marib, this is likely the result of the redeployment of Houthi resources to counter the pro-Hadi offensive in Al Bayda.

- Photo: A security car during a crackdown on demonstrators in Shabwa, July 7, 2021 (activists).

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