Coalition Warplanes Thwart Possible Houthi Attacks in Taiz


Wed, 08-09-2021 03:23 PM, Aden

South24 (Taiz) 

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched several air strikes at dawn on Wednesday, targeting Houthi military sites and a missile launch platform in Taiz, central Yemen.

Local sources and residents said that the coalition warplanes flew heavily, and launched several raids on believed to be military sites, missile launchers and weapons depots in the vicinity of Taiz airport and the Al-Ganad Camp in the Al-Hawban area in Taiz Governorate.

Local media and activists said the Houthis had intended to carry out a missile attack, which they believed would have targeted South Yemen. (1)

A Yemeni journalist posted a picture showing a large explosion which he said was of the bombing that targeted Al-Hawban. A newspaper affiliated with the Yemeni vice president also shared a video clip during the bombing. (2)

The Houthis' Al-Masirah TV tweeted that the Saudi warplanes launched 15 raids "on Jabal Aman and the vicinity of Taiz airport in Al-Taiziyah district."

Local residents said that the region had not seen any activity by the Saudi-led coalition aircraft for at least two years.

The Houthis and the Islamic Islah Party share control on the province, which is experiencing widespread security chaos, and protests condemning both parties.

This bombing comes after widespread attacks by drones and ballistic missiles carried out by the Houthis on vital sites in separate regions of Saudi Arabia, which resulted in the injury of two children and damage to a number of houses, according to the Saudi Ministry of Defense press briefing.

The bombing also comes 10 days after a Houthi attack with missiles and explosive drones on the Al-Anad military base in South Yemen, killing more than 40 soldiers and wounding dozens of Southern forces.

The STC and the Yemeni government accused the Houthis of being behind the Al-Anad attack. Eyewitnesses and military experts said that the attack was launched from the Al-Hawban area in Taiz.

The coalition raids on Taiz follow a visit by the Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense to the Royal Saudi Air Force, on Tuesday, according to Prince bin Salman tweets. (3) 

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Photo: After coalition warplanes bombed Houthi military areas in the vicinity of Taiz Airport, today, Wednesday (Twitter activists)

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