Conflict Parties in Yemen Exchange Accusations of the Truce Violations


Mon, 04-04-2022 09:34 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Two days after the announcement of the Ramadan truce in Yemen, the conflicting parties recorded several violations, bombing and drones hostilities. 
These actions could threaten a two-month UN truce, which the Yemenis are hopeful will win the commitment of the warring parties this time.
On the West Coast, the Joint Forces media center announced yesterday that the Houthis committed more than 44 violations. Those violations were concentrated in the city of Hays and its axis, as well as the Al-Barah axis, west of Taiz. In addition to monitoring similar violations in Hajjah, Al-Jawf and Marib.

These violations varied between bombing military and civilian sites, according to the statement. These violations also included monitoring military reinforcements and fortifications near the lines of contact.
The Joint Forces monitored a continuous flight of the Houthis' drones in the Al-Hima area, Al-Khokha district, south of Hodeidah.
In Al-Dhalea, a military source from the Al-Dhalea axis said that the Southern forces recorded about ten violations, including shooting with medium weapons and attempts to carry out sniper operations during the past 24 hours.
The source said that on yesterday's evening, the Houthis targeted "Southern forces sites in the Al-Thokhb sector with drones," he considered this a public escalation aimed at thwarting the truce.
On the other hand, the Houthi-affiliate TV channel Al-Masira reported news of the killing of 3 people as a result of violent bombardment of residential areas in the northwest of Saada governorate, hours after the truce entered into force.

The Saba news agency, affiliated with the same group, said that the Arab Coalition "committed 86 violations on the fronts of the southern coastal areas of Hodeidah governorate, in the west of the country."
On Friday, the United Nations announced that the parties to the conflict in Yemen had responded positively to a proposal by the United Nations to declare a two-month truce, including the cessation of all offensive air, land and sea military operations inside Yemen and across its borders.

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Photo: Reuters 

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