Southern military armored vehicles during their deployment in Abyan governorate, August 23, 2022 (Sabri Askar)

«Eastern Arrows» Military Operation in Abyan


Tue, 23-08-2022 03:31 PM, Aden

Live coverage (South24)

The Southern Forces almost completely took control of Abyan governorate in South Yemen according to the statements of senior military commanders in the STC, after the announcement of the "Eastern Arrows" military operation to confront "terrorist groups".

The Southern Forces launched on late Monday a military operation stating it was for "countering-terrorism" in Abyan governorate. According to the STC's AIC TV, the STC President Major General Aidrous Al-Zubaidi directed the launch of the "Eastern Arrows" operation to liberate Abyan governorate from what was described as "terrorist groups".

With the early hours of Tuesday, military forces, accompanied by armed individuals and vehicles, advanced towards the coastal city of Shuqra, one of the largest cities in Abyan governorate, east of Aden, and their movements expanded towards the Khanfar and Ahwar districts. The commander of the Security Belt in Abyan said that his forces, with the support of Abyan security, cleared the first den of "terrorist elements" in the Khobar al-Maraqsha area.

This operation comes in coordination with government security and military forces, days after the Southern Forces took control of Shabwa governorate with the aim of securing the international road and its oil fields.

According to what was reported by AIC, the operation aims to end the state of division in Abyan governorate and enhance its security, as well as strengthening the security of the capital, Aden and the Southern governorates from "terrorist acts" and removing the risk of supporting and strengthening any rebellion or terrorist operations in the Southern governorates. It said that the operation comes in implementation of the remaining provisions of the Riyadh Agreement.

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12:11 PM | Photographer Sabri Askar shared pictures of the deployment of Southern Forces as part of the "Eastern Arrows" operation yesterday in Abyan governorate. 

08:50 AM | The head of the STC National Assembly, Ahmed bin Break, said that the next initiative, after what he described as "victories" in Shabwa and Abyan, is to "restore what is left of Hadramout and Mahra, ... led by the STC," according to his tweet. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 

21:40 PM | The STC Presidency member, Salem Thabet Al-Awlaki, said that "the security of South is one and indivisible, and any threats or Houthi or terrorist activity in any of the Southern governorates cannot be tolerated." Al-Awlaki considered the "Eastern Arrows" operation an extension of efforts to secure South and fortify it from terrorism and the transnational project of tampering and chaos, noting that "these efforts will be doubled." According to his tweet.

18:42 PM | The commander of the Security Belt Forces in Abyan governorate, Brigadier General Abdullatif Al-Sayed, said that the Security Belt Forces, backed by the Abyan Security Forces and Abyan Military Axis Forces, were able to clear the first nest of "terrorist elements" in the Khobar al-Maraqsha area of Ahwar district, and the security campaign will continue. This came during a field interview with STC's AIC TV.

17:35 PM | The commander of Abyan military axis Mukhtar Al-Nubi said that the Southern Forces have almost completely deployed in Abyan governorate, and that only 10% of the governorate remains. He pointed out that this was done without a single blood drop, according to televised statements this evening.

4:30 PM | A security source told South24 that Shabwa Defense Forces deployed in Al-Aram area to prevent any infiltration of extremist elements fleeing from Abyan

12:47 AM | The commander of Abyan military axis Mukhtar Al-Nubi said in a video statement, accompanied by a group of security and military leaders in Abyan that: The counter-terrorism operation in Abyan was launched today in agreement with the military leadership in Shuqra, the governor of the governorate and the security director. The military commander said that these efforts will continue to Seiyun and Wadi Hadramout.

10:41 AM | Aden Al-Ghad website (local media) stated that the Southern Forces were deployed along the road linking Shuqra and Ahwar, and are expected to continue their deployment later towards the districts of Al-Mahfad, Mudiyah and other areas of the governorate. The website said that the deployment of these forces came in coordination with the "army" forces stationed there.

10:30 AM | Local sources told "South24" that the Southern Forces continue their "Eastern Arrows" operation in Abyan governorate, amid popular welcome and official coordination with government forces in the governorate. So far, no military clashes or casualties have been recorded.

05:00 AM | The Southern Forces are heading to the city of Khobar al-Maraqsha in Abyan governorate, after securing the city of Shuqra. And spreads at its main junction, according to what was published by AIC.

02:00 AM | Multiple local and press sources reported that the Southern Forces entered the coastal city of Shuqra in Abyan governorate. According to information obtained by South24, the move was carried out in coordination with Abyan security forces and Southern government security units. AIC released pictures it said were of the STC-affiliate forces during their advancement towards the city of Shuqra.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 

11:30 PM | The announcement of the "Eastern Arrows" military operation came days after orders from the 4th Military District of the Yemeni officer’s battalion, Saeed bin Maili, to departure Abyan governorate and head to Marib. These units are affiliated with the Islamic Islah Party, and they had previously had military confrontations and clashes with the Southern Forces in May 2020.

11:00 PM | Local media websites circulated a document - whose authenticity has not been verified yet – claiming to be issued by "Presidency Operations", which included directives from the PLC Chairman to the PLC member Aidrous Al-Zubaidi and commanders of the relevant military facilities, to stop the operation.

11:00 PM | Commenting on this operation, the military affairs adviser to "South24" Center, Brigadier General Thabet Hussein Saleh, said that it comes in implementation of the military provisions of the Riyadh Agreement.

09:30 PM | The head of the STC Foreign Affairs department, Mohammad Al-Ghaithi, said in a tweet that "the efforts to counter terrorism by our Southern Forces require our partners at the regional and international levels to redouble their support for the critical threat that terrorist groups pose to the interests and future of everyone."

09:30 PM | AIC: The operation aims to remove the danger of supporting and strengthening any rebellion or terrorist operations in the Southern governorates, and in implementation of the Riyadh Agreement

09:15 PM |AIC: The operation aims to enhance the security of the capital city Aden and the Southern governorates from terrorist acts.

09:10 PM | AIC: The "Eastern Arrows" aims to end the state of division in Abyan governorate and enhance its security.

Monday, August 22, 2022

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