Following Saudi Arabia's statement: Hadi's Forces Attacked Tribes in Abyan


Sat, 03-07-2021 12:36 AM, Aden Time

Aden (south24)

On Friday, clashes escalated between the tribes of the Laudar district and Security Belt Forces in Abyan governorate, South Yemen, against government forces affiliated with the Islamist Islah Party, after an attempt to storm the city with military force.

Government forces wanted to forcibly replace the security director in the district, which citizens reject and accused the new director of involvement with Al-Qaeda (AQAP).

The attack caused "the death and wounding of civilians by government forces' fire, including women" Local sources told "South24".

Activists shared pictures of some of the victims who were taken to the Laudar General Hospital.

On the event, the STC issued a statement condemning "the mobilization, military intrusion, bombing, killing and violation of all human values". [1]

"The crimes committed on Friday, July 2, 2021, in Lauder district, are crimes against humanity" STC said. 

The statement stressed the STC's adherence to the Riyadh Agreement signed with the Yemeni government, "despite the obstacles by the other party to the agreement since the start of the dialogues prior to the signing of the agreement."

Laudar attack

On June 8, the Yemeni Minister of Interior, Ibrahim Haidan, issued a decision to replace the security director of Laudar with another whom the people of the area accuse of having ties to the extremist AQAP organization.

Laudar tribes rejected the decision, considering it an "attempt to avenge them for their history of fighting AQAP in the central regions of Abyan governorate."

Government forces in Abyan resorted to storming the city by force and causing clashes with tribes. Members of the Special Forces and other units under the control of Islamists participated in the attack.

A video published by activists showed a military armored vehicle belonging to the government forces firing indiscriminately at the homes of citizens there.

"The bombing by government forces on civilian homes left two dead and a number of civilians wounded," said human rights defenders and local media.

The STC considered what happened to civilians in Laudar "an extension of a bloody series that was prepared in advance".

Last night, the Islah Party, the Yemeni wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, issued a statement describing the STC's forces as "militias". Activists believed that the party's statement, which bore the name of the National Alliance Parties, was a sign of a simultaneous escalation on more than one side.

A coup against the Riyadh Agreement

The STC warned of government's military escalation and the previous directive of the government's ministers to leave Aden, and the "assassinations" that targeted Shabwani Elite Force members and the "kidnapping" of civilians there.

"That is inconsistent with the agreed-upon de-escalation mechanism. It's a blatant departure and a dangerous coup against the contents of the Riyadh Agreement" STC added.

At dawn Friday, the Saudi Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling for "a halt to all forms of political, military, security, economic, social and media escalation, in accordance with the mechanism agreed upon by the two parties to stop the escalation."

"The return of the Yemeni government formed in accordance with the Riyadh Agreement is a top priority" The Saudi Foreign Ministry added.

Politicians from South Yemen criticized the Saudi statement, which accused the STC of political and media escalation, while Saudi Arabia did not comment on the military actions carried out by Hadi's forces in Abyan and Shabwa.

Salem bin Sahel, Jacob Al-Sufyani
Journalists and editors at South24 Center for News and Studies

- Photo: Citizens demonstrate in front of government military vehicles in Lawdar, 1 July 2021 (Activists)

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