Giants Brigades Liberate Harib and Houthis Targets Abu Dhabi and KSA


Mon, 24-01-2022 06:57 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Today, the Southern Giants Brigades managed to liberate the center of Harib district in Marib governorate, North Yemen, from the Houthis, coinciding with the Houthis' new attacks on Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Press and local sources told "South24" that the Southern Giants Brigades entered the center of Harib district from "Shuqair Junction"; after fierce battles with the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Yesterday, the Giants Brigades announced their control of Dahat Shuqair, Al Qarn, and Al Madfoun mountains overlooking Harib district. It also announced their control over other mountainous areas overlooking Al-Abdiya road. [1]

The control of Harib comes two weeks after the Giants began the battle to liberate it from the Houthis; following the liberation of the districts of (Usaylan - Beihan - Ain) west of Shabwa, in a military operation that was launched at the beginning of the year, and bore the name (South Tornado).

Yesterday, the STC praised the "Southern forces victories  and liberation to the center of Ain district and its surroundings from the Houthis."

In addition, the Saudi-led Coalition announced today the fall of a Houthi ballistic missile on the industrial area of Jazan, southern Saudi Arabia, injuring a resident. The Coalition further announced the interception and destruction of two drones launched by the Houthis from Al-Jawf Governorate.

Earyl Tuesday, the Coalition announced the interception of another ballistic missile that attempted to target Dhahran Al-Janoub region in Saudi Arabia, coinciding with the UAE Ministry of Defense announcing the destruction of two Houthi missiles in Abu Dhabi's airspace.

The UAE news agency (WAM) quoted the Defense Ministry that "no casualties were caused by the two missiles, the fragments of which fell in separate areas around Abu Dhabi."

According to the Associated Press, the US Air Force stated that "U.S. military forces successfully reacted to multiple inbound threats during an attack near Abu Dhabi," without further details. [2]

Later, the UAE Ministry of Defense released a black and white video showing an F-16 targeting a ballistic missile launcher claiming to be used in the Abu Dhabi attack. The Ministry of Defense identified the site as being proximal to Al-Jawf Governorate, North Yemen, a Yemeni governorate located 1,400 km southwest of Abu Dhabi.

This Houthi attack against Abu Dhabi is the second of its kind within days, after the drone attack that targeted civilian areas in Abu Dhabi, leaving civilians dead and wounded.

In a statement on Friday, the UN Security Council strongly condemned the Houthi attack against Abu Dhabi, and stressed that the perpetrators would be punished. [3]

In response to Houthi attacks, Coalition planes launch continuous raids on the Houthis' sites in Sanaa and other areas in North Yemen. The Houthis claim that it led to the death of civilians.

On Saturday, the Houthis accused the Saudi-led Coalition of targeting a prison in Saada and killing more than 77 prisoners.

The Saudi-led Coalition later denied this [4], following the condemnation of the UN Secretary-General.

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Photo: Southern Giants Brigades advancing in Harib, Marib (Giants Media, South24 clip)

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