UN Envoy meeting Mahdi Al-Mashat in Sanaa. May 1, 2023 (Twitter)

Grundberg Visits Sanaa for the Second Time this Year


Mon, 01-05-2023 06:57 PM, Aden

Sanaa (South24) 

Today, UN Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg met top Houthi officials on his second visit to Sanaa since the beginning of the year.

The Houthi-affiliated Saba Agency said that the head of the Houthi political council Mahdi Al-Mashat met Grundberg and his team in Sanaa to discuss recent developments.

Al-Mashat accused the United States and Britain of obstructing peace efforts in Yemen. He claimed that this stems from the economic interests of Washington and London for the continuation of the conflict and war.

The Houthi official said, "whenever there is any rapprochement between Yemen and Saudi Arabia and understandings are reached, America rushes to send its ill-fated envoy to the region, and all efforts fail".

The Houthis warned from pushing towards escalation saying "we warn against the American and British efforts, and we affirm that the whole world will be affected if the escalation returns in Yemen, including America and Britain".

In a related context, the US State Department announced today that its envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, will conduct a new tour in the region to advance peace efforts.

The US State Department said in a press statement that Lenderking will arrive today in the Gulf "to meet with Yemeni, Omani, Saudi and international partners to discuss efforts to continue the ongoing talks".

Grundberg had delivered a briefing before the UN Security Council from Sanaa in mid-January, as part of moves being implemented by the Swedish diplomat to establish a new truce agreement in Yemen.

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