Gunmen Assassinate a Security Official and his Bodyguard in Abyan


Thu, 06-05-2021 01:30 PM, Aden

Abyan (south24)

Local media said that a security official was killed, on Wednesday, by unknown gunmen in Mudiyah District in Abyan Governorate, South Yemen.

"The security director of Mudia Directorate, Nazem al-Salhi, and one of his companions were killed by gunmen while they were on his farm near his home in the Mudiyah district,"" Yafa News" website said.

The unknown gunmen fled, according to the website. 

Also in June 2020, the commander of the security Belt Forces (SBF) in Mudiyah district, Nasr al-Salhi, who is considered one of the most prominent leaders of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the governorate, was assassinated by gunmen.

The SBF mourned the death of al-Salhi, according to the official website.

Last March, Al Qaeda (AQAP) claimed responsibility for two attacks against the pro-STC Security Belt forces in Ahwar and Al Wadia in Abyan governorate.

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