Gunmen Killed a Prominent Security Official in Aden


Thu, 10-06-2021 11:56 PM, Aden

Aden (south24)

A security official was killed in Aden, the capital of South Yemen, Thursday evening, by unidentified gunmen, according to a security source. On the same day, government media said that eight people were killed in a missile attack in Marib, North Yemen.

"Gunmen shot the official of the Security Belt Forces (SFB) in Abyan governorate, Haidara Jubran, while he was in front of his house in the city of Mansoura, Aden" the security source told "South24".

"The gunmen fled, and security forces were deployed in the city" he add.

Jubran is one of the security leaders who contributed to the work of the "People's Committees" in Abyan Governorate, and fought al-Qaeda in 2015.

Over the past months, South Yemen has witnessed a number of attacks claimed by AQAP, which targeted the SBF checkpoints of the Southern Transitional Council.

During the past days, the security authorities in Aden began a wide campaign to prevent the carrying of weapons, and arrested a number of drug dealers (hashish).

As for the city of Ma'rib in North Yemen, the Yemeni government said that the Houthis bombed, on Thursday, a women's prison, a mosque and ambulances, killing eight people and wounding 27 others.The Houthis has not commented on these accusations.

- File: Haidara Jubran, who was killed on Thursday night (activists)

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