Hadramout: Casualties in an attack against weapons locomotives heading to Marib


Fri, 11-02-2022 10:13 PM, Aden

Al-Mahra (South24)

Local sources told "South24" that a soldier was killed and 3 drivers were injured due to an ambush that targeted  locomotives carrying military equipment in Thamud in the Southern governorate of Hadramout. 

According to the sources, 30 containers carrying military equipment on board of the locomotives were on their way to the port of Nishtun in Al Mahra towards the governorate of Marib.

It is not clear who stood behind the attack that led to the burning of 4 locomotives and palalyzing the movement of other locomotives in the region. Clashes erupted over one hour between armed men and soldiers who accompanied the trucks killing one soldier and injuring 3 drivers.

Informed sources told "South24" that the military equipment were on their way to forces affiliated with the Yemeni Government, controlled by the Islah Party (The Muslim Brotherhood) in the Northern governorate of Marib.

Last Wednesday, activists and local sources said that a huge ship called YANGZE VENUS, carrying tens of containers, docked in Nishtun Port in  Al Mahra. 

According to the South24's Investigative Department and data available on ship tracking websites, the path of the Marshall Islands- flagged ship included China and then Singapore Port on Jan 23rd 2022. Its last tracked location dates back to Jan 29th 2022 and showed the ship passing the Indian Ocean off the South Yemen and the Omani coasts.

The YANGZE VENUS ship in the Indian Ocean, according to its latest tracking, January 29 (Source: vesselfinder.com)

Activists on Twitter published photos for the ship off the Nishtun Port which carried the containers that hold a slogan under the name of "ZIM". 

The Haifa-based Zim is an international LTD shipping services company that are basically dealing with Israeli goods.

"South24" investigation team, compared the photos published by activists with the original photographs of the YANGZE VENUS, and found them identical.

The two photos of the ship (YANGZE VENUS), on the right, published by activists from South Yemen on February 8, 2022, and on the left a previous photo of the ship by (Ya Ray Yang: vesselfinder)

On Jan 28th, the KSA withdrew its latest forces from Nishtun Port. Local sources told "South24" that the KSA handed over the port's camp to local security forces.

The KSA had withdrawn its heavy military equipment from the port last November.

South24 has not yet verified official government agencies about the nature of the military equipment in the attacked containers,  or whether these weapons are related to the Saudi-led Coalition to reinforce the Islamist-controlled "National Army" forces in Marib.

The Coalition and the government have not commented on the attack until the moment of writing this report.

A local group in Al Mahra, known as "the Sit-in Committee"(Lagnit Al Itisam) which is believed to have ties with the Houthis has long threatened the Saudi-led Coalitiln calling it to leave the governorate.

- South24 Center for News and Studies
- Photo: Large trucks carrying containers of "military equipment" on their way from Al-Mahra governorate towards Marib, Friday, February 11, 2022 (activists)

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