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Lahj: 15 Casualties Including Children in a Houthi Attack


Sat, 12-11-2022 03:27 PM, Aden

Lahj (South24)

Yesterday, 6 people were killed and 9 wounded, mostly civilians, in a Houthi missile shelling in Lahj governorate (north of Aden).

According to local sources, a thermal missile targeted a military vehicle in the Karsh residential area in the Karsh border area between Lahj and Taiz.

According to the sources, the list of civilian casualties included children who were next to a vehicle at the time of the sudden attack.

In a statement, the STC stated that the Houthis had committed a "massacre" against civilians. The statement described the attack as "terrorist."

The STC spokesperson Ali Al Kathiri said: "The Houthis are committing war crimes against humanity that go beyond the military laws of war.”

Al-Kathiri called on "allies" to designate the Houthis as a "terrorist organization."

So far, there has been no official statement or comment from the Houthis regarding the attack.

In a separate context, US, UK, France and the EU condemned the Houthi attack on the Qena oil port in Shabwa governorate.

A joint US-British-French statement described Thursday's drone attack on Qena as "terrorist".

The statement said the attack was "an attempt to deprive Yemenis of basic commodities."  "The attack shows the Houthis' miserable failure to give Yemenis priority," the statement added.

The EU stated that they "strongly condemn the Houthi attack on the port of Qena."

They added: "The UN Security Council has described the previous attack on the Dabba port as a terrorist."

The EU considered the Houthi attacks against international shipping lanes "an affornt to the core principles of the law of the sea."

In the Arab world, the Saudi Foreign Ministry condemned the Houthi attack, describing it as a "terrorist."  Bahrain also considered the attack a "criminal act", and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemned it.

On the other hand, senior Houthi officials attacked the joint US-British-French statement.

Mohammad Al-Bakhiti said: "We will strike any ship that steals oil and gas. Your condemnation is under our feet."

In addition, the Yemeni Coast Guard announced on Thursday that its headquarters on the Red Sea coast, west of the city of Hodeidah, was subjected to Houthi shelling.

In a statement to Xinhua, the head of the Coast Guard Authority Major General Khaled Al-Qemli said: "Houthi drones bombed our headquarters in the city of Al-Khokha, wounding 3 people."

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