Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman receives the PLC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia April 7, 2022 (Bandar Algaloud/Courtesy of Saudi Royal Court/REUTERS)

PLC Members and Top Government Officials Arrive in Riyadh


Mon, 03-04-2023 09:14 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Members of Yemen's Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) and senior government officials arrived in the Saudi capital city Riyadh to join the PLC's Chairman and other members.

Major General Aidrous Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), and Brigadier General Tariq Saleh arrived on board Saudi private planes that departed from the cities of Aden and Mocha.

The STC's official website said that Al-Zubaidi, accompanied by the Prime Minister, the Governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Finance, arrived in Saudi Arabia on an official visit today.

The "December 2" website reported that Tariq Saleh arrived yesterday in Saudi Arabia to participate in the PLC's meetings "in light of recent developments."

It is likely that the PLC will hold its first meeting in the presence of its entire members in Riyadh, after weeks of virtual meetings.

This visit comes after Riyadh isolated anti-Houthi's Yemeni actors and engaged in direct talks with the Iranian-backed group during the past months. It also comes weeks after the signing of a historic Chinese-brokered agreement between Riyadh and Tehran to resume diplomatic ties.

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