Riyadh: STC Officials Discuss Terrorism File with US Delegation


Thu, 31-03-2022 11:05 PM, Aden

Riyadh (South24)

South Yemen's STC senior officials discussed with a US delegation today the political and economic situation and efforts to counter terrorism in Yemen.

STC President and his delegation met with the US Envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking and the Chargé d'Affaires of the US Embassy Cathy Westley today in Riyadh. According to what was announced by STC media.

The meeting also discussed ways to support the success of the ongoing consultations in the Saudi capital city Riyadh under the GCC auspices in which the STC is participating.

"The Yemeni consultations represent an international commitment to make the situation more stable," Lenderking said on the first day of the consultations taking place in Riyadh. He pointed out that "the opportunities for comprehensive dialogue between Yemenis are invaluable."

STC President Aidrous Al-Zubaidi told the US Envoy that "the STC's participation in the consultations... comes in the context of the STC's keenness to find solutions to the priorities represented in the economic and humanitarian file, including the importance of reforming state institutions," in addition to “examining an opportunity to find a framework for a reasonable political solution that reflects the reality of the parties on the ground, and national issues, foremost of which is the issue of the state of South and the “unity issue.”

STC representatives announced during their speeches at the Riyadh consultations that they reject any previous references, in reference to the three references that the Yemeni government adheres to as a framework for resolving the crisis in the country.

They said that "talking about any previous references is useless today in light of the changes that have occurred on the ground since the outbreak of the war, and that adhering to any prior conditions will only lead to failure." According to STC media.

The Yemeni government adheres to the terms of reference of the 2011 Gulf Initiative, the outcomes of the 2014 National Dialogue and Security Council Resolution 2016 of 2015, as a framework for resolving the crisis afflicting the fragmented country.

Yesterday, the Houthis refused to participate in the Riyadh consultations. And they demanded the lifting of the siege first and then to head for a dialogue, according to a statement issued by the group's Supreme Political Council in Sanaa.

Sources told "South24" earlier that the Riyadh consultations may lead to a broad restructuring of the Yemeni presidency, and to come up with solutions that lead to reforming the economic and political conditions and reaching a comprehensive peace agreement.

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Photo: STC delegation headed by Aidrous Al-Zubaidi meets the US Envoy and embassy staff to discuss various topics. 31 March 2022 (Official)

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