Saudi Arabia: 12 Injured in a Houthi Attack on Abha Airport


Thu, 10-02-2022 03:52 PM, Aden

Abha (South24) 

Today, the Saudi-led Coalition announced that 12 civilians were wounded in a Houthi attack on Abha International Airport, southern the country.

Saudi state news agency SPA quoted the Coalition that a Houthi drone that attempted to target the airport was intercepted and destroyed.

The wreckage of the plane scattered over the airport which led to the injury of civilians of different nationalities, according to the Coalition statement.

The Coalition said that air traffic at the airport returned smoothly after the carrying routine safety procedures.

The Houthis officially claimed the attack on the airport, according to their military spokesman.

The Coalition on the other hand also called on civilians in Sanaa to evacuate military sites in preparation for strikes.

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels launch continuous attacks against civilian sites in Saudi Arabia and UAE. In response to these attacks, the Coalition targets Houthi sites in Sanaa and North Yemen.

Fears are mounting about the consequences of the mutual escalation between the two parties on civilians, and the complication of opportunities for a political solution to the crisis in Yemen. 

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Photo: A Saudi security officer walks past Saudi Arabia's Abha airport, June 13, 2019. REUTERS/Faisal al Nasser 

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