Saudi Arabia Warns of Global Energy Crisis Due to Iran and Houthis


Mon, 21-03-2022 04:09 PM, Aden

Riyadh (South24)

Today, Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned of a global energy crisis due to the continued attacks by the Houthis against oil facilities in the Kingdom.

The ministry says in a statement to the SPA that "it will not incur responsibility regarding any shortage of oil supply as its oil facilities are attacked by Houthi terrorist militias."

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of providing the Houthis with ballistic missile and drone technologies that the Yemeni group uses against Riyadh.

It stressed the need for the international community to be aware of the seriousness of this. It warned of the dire consequences of the Houthis' continued targeting of oil and gas facilities.

"This will lead to an impact on the Kingdom's production capacity and its ability to meet its obligations," the ministry said. It added, "this threatens the stability of global energy supplies."

On Saturday and Sunday, the Houthis targeted oil facilities belonging to Aramco in Riyadh and other areas in the south of the Kingdom with missiles and drones.

The attacks resulted in reduced production capacity at Yanbu Gas Station and limited fires at other oil facilities. The attacks also targeted water and electricity stations in the southern region.

The group vowed more attacks. It stated that it came to break the siege imposed on Yemenis. It claimed the existence of an entire "target bank" in Saudi Arabia, whose operations would be affected in the coming period.

This comes at a time when the global need for energy supplies is increasing in light of the crisis in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation.

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