The Saudi ambassador during his handshake with the Houthi leader Al-Mashat. 09.04.2023 (Houthi Media)

Saudi Foreign Ministry: We held Transparent Discussions in Sanaa


Sat, 15-04-2023 04:04 PM, Aden

Riyadh (South24)

On Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an official statement about the latest visit to Sanaa by ambassador Mohammed Al Jabir and his meetings with top Houthi officials.

The statement said: "Building upon the Saudi Initiative announced in March 2021 and the positive momentum created by the truce in Yemen, the Saudi delegation held a number of meetings in Sanaa".

It added: "The meetings included in-depth discussions on a number of issues related to the humanitarian situation, the release of all prisoners of war, reaching a cease-fire and a comprehensive political solution".

The Saudi Foreign Ministry said that "the discussions in Sanaa were transparent, positive and constructive".

It added: "Due to the need for further discussions these engagements will resume as soon as possible, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and sustainable political solution that is accepted by all Yemeni parties".

Al Jabir visited Sanaa on April 8th in the first official public visit. He met with Houthi leaders including Mohammed Mahdi Al-Mashat, President of the so-called "Supreme Political Council".

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