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Shabwa: 14 Casualties in Two Explosive Attacks on the Southern Forces


Tue, 31-05-2022 05:47 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24) 

At least three soldiers were killed today and five other wounded in an explosive device attack targeting the Southern Forces in Shabwa governorate, South Yemen.

According to a local source who spoke to "South24", a patrol of the Shabwa Defense Forces (formerly Shabwani Elite) was targeted using an explosive device west of Ataq city.

Later on the same day, two soldiers were killed and four others were wounded.

The recent attack on the Shabwa Defense Forces resulted in the death of two soldiers and four wounded in an ambush targeting Commander Majid Al-Nassi in Ghol Al-Raydah area of Mayfa'a district. 

This attack comes weeks after the killing of a senior AQAP member on mid-May during clashes with the Shabwa Defense Forces in Ataq.

According to the Southern Forces, Younis Awad al-Qashori, a senior AQAP member, was killed in the clashes that also left a member of the Shabwa Defense Forces dead and wounded.

The Shabwa Defense Forces are the former Shabwa Elite Forces, and are affiliated with the STC.

The Shabwa Defense Forces (the Elite) have played a prominent role in confronting AQAP and stabilizing the governorate during the past years.

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