Scene of the explosion site. October 1, 2022 (activists)

Shabwa: 6 Dead and Wounded in Explosion Targeting a Military Vehicle


Sat, 01-10-2022 04:57 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24)

Two people were killed and four others wounded, including civilians, in an explosion targeting a military vehicle west of Ataq city, Shabwa governorate, South Yemen.

South24 correspondent stated that an explosive device targeted a vehicle belonging to the Southern Giants Brigades, in a Qat market, killing a civilian and a soldier, and wounding 4 others, including two civilians.

According to the correspondent, the explosion targeted the vehicle of the commander of the engineering demining team in the Southern Giants Brigades, who was wounded during the explosion, according to medical sources. Pictures showed the vehicle that was bombed.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the accident. In mid-September, AQAP claimed responsibility to a similar attack that targeted a military vehicle of the Shabwa Defense Forces in Ataq.

In a separate context, the Southern forces announced yesterday the killing of 3 soldiers in a Houthi attack with a thermal missile targeting a military vehicle in the Yafa front.

On the same day, the Southern forces said that they had thwarted infiltration attempts by Houthi fighters in the Haifan front, north of Lahj governorate.

The Houthi attacks against the Southern forces come just days before the end of the UN truce in the country on October 2, amid international pressures to extend and expand it, while the positions of the concerned parties remain divergent.

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