STC troops drive into Shabwa, east of the Red Sea port of Aden (AFP)

Shabwa: Dead and Wounded in Clashes


Tue, 19-07-2022 08:46 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24)

Today, a soldier was killed, and five others wounded, in clashes between two security forces in Shabwa governorate, South Yemen.

According to a local source who spoke to "South24", clashes erupted between the Shabwa Defense Forces and the Special Forces, in the center of Ataq.

According to the source, the clashes left one dead and three wounded from the Special Forces and two wounded from the Shabwa Defense Forces.

This incident comes less than a week after similar clashes between the two parties in Ataq, which resulted in the injury of civilians, according to local sources.

So far, the actual causes behind this event remains unclear.

News websites affiliated with the Yemeni Islah Party published reports accusing Shabwa Defense Forces of attempting to assassinate the commander of the Special Forces, Abd Rabbo Lakab.

Abd Rabbo Lakab is a security commander loyal to the Islah party and leads the notorious Special Forces in Shabwa, which is accused of committing several violations.

The Shabwa Defense Forces (formerly the Shabwani Elite) returned to the governorate after the dismissal of the former Islah-affiliated governor Mohammad bin Adyo at the end of last year.

Noteworthy, the Shabwa Defense Forces are affiliated with the STC. These forces had been subjected to several attacks carried out by suspected AQAP militants of belonging during the past weeks.

Forces from the Southern Giants Brigades that liberated parts of Shabwa earlier this year from the Houthis are also deployed in the governorate.

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