Shabwa: Dead and Wounded in Clashes Between Government Forces


Thu, 15-07-2021 03:31 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24) 

Violent armed clashes erupted Thursday morning between two security forces affiliated with the Yemeni government in the center of Ataq city, Shabwa governorate, resulting in deaths and injuries.

Local sources told "South24" that the initial outcome indicated the killing of a commander in one of the special forces units named Hussein Salem bin Mahdi, and another civilian alongside at least six others wounded, including three in a critical condition.

The clashes took place near Al-Haramain station from midnight yesterday until early Thursday morning, between the pro-Islah special security forces and the Public Security Forces, which are local police from the people of the governorate, during which both sides used light and medium weapons.

Sources indicated that a security checkpoint affiliated with the Public Security stopped a vehicle of the Northern Special Forces, which led to the explosion of the situation.

It is worth noting that the commander of the Special Forces in Shabwa, Abdrabbo Lakaab, was transferred to Ataq, under presidential directives, and was appointed commander of the Special Forces after the August 2019 events between the Yemeni government and the STC.

Lakaab had previously fought alongside the Houthi group when it was in control of Beihan in Shabwa, according to previous sources who spoke to "South24".

The oil-rich province of Shabwa, under the control of the Islamic Islah Party, is witnessing a state of chaos and repression of civilians, with international organizations increasing demands for the their authorities to stop human rights violations. 

Photo: Local media