Shabwa Governor Awad Al-Awlaki (local media)

Shabwa Governor: Senior Officials Are Behind the Latest Escalation in the Governorate


Mon, 01-08-2022 02:23 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24)

The governor of Shabwa, Awad Al-Awlaki, said that senior officials in the internationally recognized Yemeni government are behind the recent "escalation" in the oil-rich governorate in South Yemen.

This came in an official telegram sent by Al-Awlaki to the Chairman of the Presidential Council Rashad Al-Alimi, on July 26, and reviewed by "South24 Center".

Al-Awlaki said that "the situation in Shabwa is under control." He warned everyone working to cause "insurgency" that he would take all measures to maintain security.

Al-Awlaki's message came after clashes broke out between the Islah-affiliate Special Forces in Shabwa and the STC-affiliate Shabwa Defense Forces, in mid-July, which resulted in deaths and injuries from both sides.

After these events, Al-Awlaki announced the suspension of the Special Forces commander, Abd Rabbo Lakab, as well as the commander of the Second Brigade of the Shabwa Defense Forces, Wajdi Baoum, from work until the investigations are completed.

The governor of Shabwa said that Wajdi Baoum adhered to the governorate instruction and measures. In a previous video clip, the governor of Shabwa accused the commander of the Special Forces of violating the disarmament campaign in Ataq city.

Al-Awlaki did not clarify who are the senior officials behind the escalation in the governorate. But he indicated earlier that they are from outside of Shabwa.

Concurrently with this, local sources told "South24" that two soldiers from the Shabwa Defense Forces were wounded today after an explosive device exploded targeting their vehicle, in the Suwayda area, west of Ataq.

STC officials accuse the Minister of Interior, Ibrahim Haidan, of provoking conflicts in the governorates of South Yemen. The minister did not comment on these accusations.

Last Thursday, the Presidential Council made a ministerial change, the first since the formation of the Riyadh Agreement government in December 2020, which included the ministries of Defense, Oil and Minerals, Electricity and Energy, and the Ministry of Public Works and Roads.

"South24" was informed that the cabinet changes may also include the Ministry of Interior, but there are differences over his replacement.

On Sunday evening, the Presidential Council announced the appointment of a new governor for Hadramout Governorate to succeed Faraj Al-Bahsani, a member of the Presidential Council, as well as the appointment of the STC official, Raafat Ali al-Thaqali, as governor of the Socotra archipelago.

In addition, the Southern Judges Club announced today a comprehensive strike in the courts and prosecutions until the change of the Supreme Judicial Council. In a statement, the Club held the Presidential Council responsibility and demanded the implementation of reforms in the judiciary.

It is noteworthy that the Presidential Council had dismissed the former Public Prosecutor, Ahmed Al-Musai, who is affiliate to the Islamic Islah Party, and appointed Qaher Mustafa in his place. This decision was welcomed by the judicial community in Yemen.

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