South Yemen: Dozens of Houthis were killed in violent battles north of Al-Dhalea


Sat, 01-05-2021 05:43 PM, Aden

Al-Dhalea (south24)

Dozens were killed and wounded during new military battles that broke ou, at dawn on Saturday, in northern Al-Dhalea Governorate, South Yemen, between pro-STC southern forces and the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

A military source told south24 that the southern forces, the joint forces and the southern resistance have advanced in large areas on more than one front in the north of Al-Dhalea, to the depth of the Ibb governorate, North Yemen.

"26 Houthi fighters were killed in the clashes," said Fouad Jabbari, the military spokesman for the Dhali axis. While Brigadier General Yahya Al-Shobaji from the southern forceswas was killed by a sniper shot. It is not clear until now the exact size of the victims on both sides.

A military official told "south24" that heavy fighting began on Friday night until late Saturday morning on the (Battar, Bab Ghalaq and Al-Fakher) fronts northwest of Al-Dhalea.

Fighters from the Southern Forces, on the outskirts of Al-Fakher city, Saturday, 01 May 2021 (official)

"The southern forces initially responded to a violent attack launched by Houthi fighters in these areas, but they (the Houthis) suffered a major setback, which enabled the southern forces to advance in large areas within the strategic city of Al-Fakher and its environs", said the military official.

Southern forces used artillery in the confrontations, according to the military official.

Apparently, to prepare for this battle, the military official told south24: "The Houthi group has mobilized hundreds of fighters, over the past days, from several governorates in North Yemen."