The Governor of Shabwa during the visit to the military checkpoints in Ataq-Nisab road

South Yemen: Failed Assassination Attempt on Shabwa Governor


Sat, 27-08-2022 06:15 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24)

The Governor of Shabwa Awad Al-Awlaki survived an assassination attempt with an explosive device today.

According to Al-Awlaki's media office, a timed explosive device was planted on the main road linking Ataq and Nisab districts, intended to target the governor's convoy.

The security services managed to dismantle the device, which was hidden in a concrete block in the shape of a stone before it exploded, said the media office.

According to the director of media for the Southern Giants Brigades, Aseel Al-Saqladi, the explosive device matches the devices manufactured by the Iranian-backed Houthis.

Al-Awlaki was on an inspection visit to the Nisab district, following the recent military events in Shabwa.

After the failed attempt, Al-Awlaki visited the security checkpoints in Ataq-Nisab road and awarded them financially, praising their efforts.

This is the first assassination attempt against the Governor of Shabwa Awad al-Awlaki since his appointment at the end of last year.

This incident comes after violent battles between the Southern forces led by the local authority and the pro-Islah forces, which took place in Ataq a few weeks ago and led to the latter's expulsion from the governorate.

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