South Yemen: Inconsistent Numbers of Victims of a Rockslide in Aden


Sun, 19-12-2021 08:31 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

There were conflicting information about the number of victims of a rockslide in Al-Buraiqeh district, South Yemen, on Sunday.

While local media and residents said that the collapse resulted in the death of 12 workers, a security official confirmed the death of one person and the injury of 3 injured in the accident.

The collapse occurred suddenly while drilling rigs were breaking parts of the mountain according to local sources.


The media secretary of Aden's security director, Khaled al-Sinami, said in a letter he sent to "South24", that the "victims were a single dead and three wounded were still receiving treatment in a hospital in Aden."

The security official called on the media to ensure accuracy during their accident coverage.

Pictures published by local media showed drilling rigs that were buried by the rocks as a result of the collapse.

Dozens of crushers that produce stones for construction purposes are present in Al-Buraiqeh district.

Due to the scarcity of jobs and the difficult living situation, many work in these crushers with meager salaries and in a dangerous work environment. 

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Photo: The collapsed mountain in Al-Buraiqeh, Aden, 19 Dec, 2021 (local activists) 

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