South Yemen: Widespread Condemnation of the Houthi Missile attack on Al-Anad Base


Mon, 30-08-2021 01:55 PM, Aden

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An airstrike carried out by the Houthis' on the Al-Anad military base in Lahj governorate, the largest base in South Yemen, on Sunday, which left 40 people dead and dozens wounded, drew international, Arab and local condemnation.

Saudi Arabia, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed its “strong” condemnation and denunciation of the “Houthi attack on Al-Anad base.” [1]

Saudi Arabia renewed its call to stop the continued flow of weapons to the Houthis, prevent their export to the interior, and ensure that they do not violate United Nations resolutions.

Sweden's Foreign Minister, Ann Linda, described the attack as "shocking". On her Twitter account, she stressed the need for "a ceasefire and the political process." [2]

Turkish Foreign Ministry, in turn, condemned the attack and expressed its "deep sadness" for the casualties and injuries as a result of the "heinous attack" on the Al-Anad military base. [3]

The Arab Parliament also condemned the attack, blaming "the Houthis and the Iranian regime" with full responsibility. [4]

The Kingdom of Jordan also condemned the attack, stressing its "steadfast position rejecting all terrorist practices." [5]

Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi vowed to the Houthis to pay the price for the attack "heavily", in a message of condolences he sent to the families of the victims. [6]

The Southern Revolutionary Movement Council, led by Hassan Baoum, condemned the attack. The council spokeswoman said that it comes "in light of a Houthi military escalation on the Southern lands." [7]

The Yemeni prime minister also described the attack as "treacherous", stressing that it referred to the "existential danger" posed by the Houthis. [8]

Many other statements of condemnation and denunciation were issued by many Southern and Yemeni political and military leaders and figures.

Yesterday morning, Al-Anad base was subjected to a military attack that was carried out - according to eyewitnesses and sources - with missiles launched by the Houthis from the Al-Hawban area in Taiz, North Yemen.

Victims of the Houthi attack on Al-Anad base August 29, 2021 (South24 compilation, activists)

It is considered the deadliest and most violent attack on the Al-Anad base since the attack launched by the Houthis in February of 2019, which killed prominent government military leaders and a number of soldiers.

The Houthis have not claimed yesterday's attack or denied responsibility for it so far.

Camps of the Southern forces, in addition to Aden airport, have been subjected to similar attacks with missiles and drones during the past years.

These attacks come in light of the absence of air defense capabilities that the STC demands the Saudi-led coalition to provide. 

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Photo: Wounded transported in the Al-Anad attack, in front of the headquarters of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aden (MSF)