Wadi Oemran during Southern Forces raid. Sep 18, 2022 (local media)

Southern Forces Control the Largest Military Camp for AQAP


Sun, 18-09-2022 04:00 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24)

Today, the Southern forces took control of the largest military camp for AQAP in Abyan governorate (east of Aden). 

A military source told "South24" that the Southern forces took control of the camp which is located in "Wadi Oemran" area in central Abyan.

This camp is considered the largest AQAP camp in the Middle East. It was used as a center for training and holding prisoners.

The source said that AQAP members fled towards Al-Bayda governorate, North Yemen, and border areas between Abyan and Shabwa governorates.

The Southern forces spokesperson Captain Mohammad al-Naqib said that two soldiers were killed and nine were wounded, including the commander of the Eighth Brigade, Colonel Al-Khader Homsan, during the operation.

The Southern forces had preempted the advancement towards the military camp with heavy artillery shelling, accompanied by drones, late on Saturday evening.

The Southern forces surrounded the military camp for days due to explosive mines and IEDs planted by ISIS members in the roads and areas of Wadi Oemran.

According to a high-ranking source in the Security Belt Forces who spoke to "South24", the "Arrows of the East" operation will continue towards Al-Mahfad and Jeshan areas, where the last strongholds of AQAP in Abyan are located.

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