The arrival of the Southern Forces to Abyan governorate to reinforce security services. 1 Jan 2023 (AIC)

Southern Forces Push Trained Units Into Abyan


Mon, 02-01-2023 11:41 AM, Aden Time

Abyan (South24) 

Yesterday, trained military units from the Southern Forces arrived in Abyan governorate, east of the capital city Aden.

Images showed military convoys along the road linking Aden and Abyan, which were mobilized to reinforce the security services.

The mobilization came after a large military parade at the "Ras Abbas" military training camp in Aden, which was attended by top officials.

The Southern military commander Brigadier General Muhsin Al-Wali announced the initiation of a new phase of the "Arrows of the East" military operation in Abyan Governorate.

He said that a newly-created taskforce consisting of 5 brigades has been formed for the backup and support focusing mainly on Abyan governorate.

During the parade, some military units and vehicles that raised the flags of South Yemen and the UAE were displayed.

Over the past years, the UAE provided military and security support to the Southern Forces in the war against the Houthis and extremist organizations.

Last September, the Southern Forces were able to control AQAP most strategic stronghold in Wadi Oemran of Abyan governorate.

During 2022, AQAP attacks in South Yemen killed and injured more than 139 people, according to the annual report issued by "South24 Center".

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