The mines and explosive devices captured during the pursuit of AQAP members in Wadi Al-Khayala. May 12, 2023 (Southern forces)

Southern Forces Strike AQAP in Abyan Again


Sat, 13-05-2023 03:21 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24)

The Southern forces announced the killing of several AQAP members during a military campaign that lasted for days in Al-Mahfad district of Abyan governorate (east of Aden). 

The "Dera Alganoob" official website reported that a military campaign carried out by the 1st Brigade Backup and Support managed to destroy AQAP hideouts in "Wadi Al-Khayala" of Al-Mahfad district.

The Southern forces released pictures of the process of dismantling mine networks and explosive devices planted by AQAP in the area.

A soldier of the Southern forces was injured during the military campaign, according to the "Southern Shield". Military commander Nasr Al-Yafei said that the organization's operatives had fled to nearby mountainous heights.

The military campaign against AQAP affiliates in Abyan coincided with attacks launched by the Houthi militia against the Southern forces in Yafaa (Lahj governorate) and Al-Dhalea governorate.

"We will teach the Houthis lessons in defending homeland. These militias target civilian houses with drones," said the commander of Yafaa military axis, Brigadier General Abdulaziz Al-Mansouri, on Wednesday.

Al-Dhalea military axis announced today that a Houthi attack against the Southern forces with RPGs and mortars in northwest of Hajar area was repelled.

The Southern forces accused the Houthis of launching attacks to relieve pressure on AQAP. The Southern Transitional Council accuses the Iran-backed group of coordinating with AQAP against South Yemen.

On the other hand, the Houthis deny their links to AQAP. The group claims to be fighting AQAP on many fronts.

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