Southern Giants Brigades Announce the Completion of Operation “South Tornado”


Fri, 28-01-2022 07:19 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24) 

On Thursday, The Southern Giants Brigades announced the completion of the military operation “South Tornado” in Shabwa and Marib, adding that they began to move their forces.  

In a statement [1], the Southern Giants Brigades said they completed the operation which has been crowned by liberating Beihan’s districts in Shabwa, and Harib District in Marib from the Houthis.

Moreover, they also announced repositioning of their forces in Shabwa, and that they began moving their brigades from the governorate towards the country’s western coast which acts as their main stronghold. 

Sources pointed out that the Shabwa Defense Forces (formerly known as the Shabwani Elite) will be handed over the areas liberated by the Giants Brigades. 

The announcement came after the STC Spokesperson, Ali Al Kathiri, confirmed on Wednesday the success and the completion of “Operation South Tornado” against the Houthis. 

In response to the defeats the Houthis incurred in Shabwa and South Marib, they launched missile attacks that targeted civilian facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra Military Base on January 17th and 24th respectively,

Late last year, the Southern Giants Brigades moved large parts of their forces to Shabwa for liberating three districts seized by the Houthis in September. 

By the beginning of this year, the “Giants” launched “Operation South Tornado” to liberate the three districts over 10 days after violent battles, and they managed to move forwards in Harib District.

On Jan 25th, the Giants announced liberating Harib in the governorate of Marib which has been largely controlled by the Houthis since Feb. 2020.

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Photo: The Southern Giants Brigades transfer their forces from Shabwa Governorate, January 28, 2022 (Giants Media, South24)

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