STC Threatens to Withdraw from the Riyadh Agreement Government


Tue, 09-11-2021 10:31 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

The STC threatened to take a position on its continued participation in the parity government formed by the Riyadh Agreement in December 2020.

A statement (1) published by the STC's official website on Tuesday, coinciding with the passing of two years since the signing of the Saudi-sponsored agreement, said, "The other party continues to obstruct the complete implementation of the terms of the agreement, and is working to weaken the role of the parity government."

The STC held the government "responsible for the rapid deterioration in economic, service and living conditions." They added that this "leads to destabilization of security and the growth of terrorist activity, which was manifested in the return of assassinations and bombings in the Southern governorates."

The STC renewed its preparedness to "complete the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement," according to the statement, which was issued by an extraordinary meeting of the STC Presidency in Aden.

The STC said that "its position was met with more intransigence and rejection ... by parties within the Yemeni government, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is continuing to hand over areas to the Houthi militia."
The STC said that their patience has reached its climax and that their silence will not last unless the Riyadh Agreement and its terms are completed, including: appointing governors and directors of security for the Southern governorates, agreeing on a new management of the Central Bank and restructuring the Ministries of Defense and Interior.

The STC refused to allow its participation in the government to remain a "tool to bring the citizens to their knees and starve" and they threatened to take "a position on our continued participation in this government."

The meeting discussed the details of the talks held by the STC representatives in the government with the US delegation headed by the US envoy Tim Lenderking who visited Aden on Monday. (2)

On Monday evening, a US State Department statement said, "The US delegation urged the Yemeni government to continue strengthening internal coordination with the Southern Transitional Council and other groups."

No meeting was announced for the US delegation with the STC leadership which controls Aden as was the custom with diplomatic foreign delegations visiting the city.

The statement came in conjunction with news that the KSA, which leads the coalition in Yemen, has withdrawn some of its forces from Aden, according to "RT" website. (3)

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Photo: Reuters

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