Suspected AQAP Militants Killed in South Yemen by Drone Raid


Mon, 31-05-2021 11:48 AM, Aden Time


4 people suspected to be affiliated with AQAP were killed in a raid by a US drone on Shabwah, South Yemen according to a Yemeni security official this Sunday.

"A drone plane which believed to an American targeted a car that contains members of (AQAP) organization near Al-Shabekah village (15 km) eastern Ataq the centre of Shabwah", said a Source in the local authority of Shabwah. 

Late March, the organization's field operations returned by targeting Security Belt forces in Abyan governorate, followed by another attack last April when AQAP claimed responsibility for targeting Arab Coalition headquarter – where UAE armed forces reside – in Balhaf facility, Shabwah governorate.

The source also pointed out that the air raid resulted in the death of all members who were in the targeted car which was 4 of them and believed to have a commanding leader in the terrorist organization among them.

US drone planes occasionally carry out operations on stronghold and cars that are suspected to be affiliated with AQAP terrorist organization in Al-Baida, Marib, Shabwah and Abyan. 

- Source: Sputnik/South24
- Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Lt Col Leslie Pratt