The Assassination of a Senior Commander in Aden's Security Belt


Tue, 29-03-2022 05:18 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, a senior commander in the Security Belt Forces was assassinated in Aden, by unidentified gunmen.

According to a security source for "South24," gunmen assassinated Captain Karam Al-Mashreqi, commander of the Eighth Sector in the Security Belt in Aden.

According to the source, Al-Mashreqi was on his way to the Eighth Sector headquarters before gunmen on a bus intercepted him and shot him.

Al-Mashreqi was taken to a hospital after being injured, and then died suffering from his injuries.

Al-Mashreqi is considered one of the most prominent security leaders in Aden, especially in the field of drug control.

The Security Belt Eighth Sector arrested hundreds of drug dealers and drug users during the past years.

The forces of the sector also raided hideouts of extremists in the Sheikh Othman district and the surrounding areas in Aden.

The assassination comes just days after the assassination of a prominent military leader, Major General Thabet Jawas, with a car bomb, north of Aden.

These assassinations coincide with the launch of Yemeni-Yemeni consultations under the GCC auspices in Riyadh.

The first round of consultations is scheduled to start tomorrow according to Saudi media.

No parties have claimed responsibility for the recent assassinations, while accusing fingers are pointed at the Houthis and extremist organizations such as ISIS and AQAP.

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Photo: Akram Al-Mashraqi in a military ceremony Aden (Official)

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