The headquarters of the Ataq Military Axis and the 30th Infantry Brigade after the Southern Forces took control of it, August 10, 2022 (local source)

The Details of a Military Operation in Shabwa


Wed, 10-08-2022 03:39 PM, Aden

Ataq (South24)

Local and political sources told "South24" that the clashes which erupted in the city of Ataq stopped.  They added  that calmness and serenity were restored  in the city hours after the Shabwa governor announced the beginning of a military operation to enhance security across the governorate. 

The Southern forces affiliated with the government including the Giants Brigades and Shabwa Defense Forces seized control over all military locations which served as a bulwark for  insurgent soldiers who rebelled against the decisions taken by the governor and the PLC. Some of those soldiers belong to the Ataq Military Axis and the special forces affiliated with the Islamic Islah Party.

The Shabwa governor officially announced today the beginning of a "counter" military operation to strengthen security and stability in the governorate. This came in the aftermath of two days of violent clashes in Ataq in the Southern governorate of Shabwa  and the failure of efforts to contain military and security commanders accused of insurgency.  They didn't respond to the calls by the governor and the PLC to stop violence. Dozens of soldiers fell dead and others wounded during the confrontations from both sides including civilians according to the sources. No official statistics about the casualties have been issued so far.

·  · ·          Time coverage of the day, 10.08.2022 of the military operation in Shabwa:

22:55 PM | Late on Wednesday night, the chairman of the Presidential Council in Yemen, Rashad Al-Alimi, said in a statement regarding the situation in Shabwa governorate, that "the Shabwa' events give a lesson in the importance of upholding the state' authority," and that "he state has the right to monopolize force and take all means to enforce its will and protect citizens".

21:49 PM | Citizens set off fireworks to celebrate the victory of the Southern Forces in Ataq in Shabwa

21:15 PM | The spokesperson for the STC Office in UK, Saleh Al-Nad, to Al-Jazeera TV: "It is not true that any forces from the Saudi-led Coalition participated in the clashes of Shabwa". This was an answer to the channel's question about whether a UAE drone actually participated in the clashes.

19:43 PM | US Ambassador to Yemen expresses his country's concern over the violence in Shabwa and welcomes the efforts of Rashad Al-Alimi and the Presidential Council to de-escalate the situation in Shabwa.

18:30 PM | The Governor of the capital Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, issues a statement regarding the events in Shabwa governorate. Lamles stated that "the security and stability of Shabwa is part of the security and stability of Aden." He expressed his regret at the "attempts to drag Shabwa into the square of violence." He called for lining up behind Governor Al-Awlaki and affirmed his support to him.

17:59 PM | The first appearance of the Governor of Shabwa Awad Al-Awlaki in the streets of Ataq after the Southern Forces secured the entire city in the military operation. Al-Awlaki said that there is a presidential and moral pardon for soldiers who have been deceived on the condition that the interest of Shabwa is placed first. He stressed that "Shabwa is a governorate of all, provided that it is not linked to a foreign agenda."

17:48 PM | A source in the local authority in Shabwa to "South24": Calm and stability returned to the capital Ataq after the city was completely.

17:40 PM | A press source to "South24": Members of the Special Forces fled from military sites in the districts of Nisab, Radhum, Habban and Mayfa'a.

17:05 PM | Hadramout Governorate Media: The Joint Military and Security Committee headed by the Ministers of Defense and Interior arrives in Mukalla on its way to Shabwa.

16:15 PM | The STC in Shabwa announced that its director in the governorate Ali al-Jabwani survived an assassination attempt by snipers, this afternoon, in the center of Ataq. The STC said in a statement that al-Jabwani's bodyguard was injured in the incident.

15:50 PM | Identical military and press sources report that the last stronghold of the "rebel" soldiers had been taken over. And the STC-affiliate Aden Independent Channel (AIC) released pictures of the headquarters gate and the flag of South Yemen flying above it.

15:50 pm | Identical military and press sources said that the last stronghold of the "rebel" soldiers against the governor of Shabwa, in Ataq, had been taken over. And the independent Aden channel of the Southern Transitional Council published a picture of the headquarters gate and the flag of southern Yemen appears above it.

14:05 PM | High-ranking military source in Shabwa told "South24": The purification of the capital, Ataq, is continuing, and the next stage will include the governorate's districts.

13:38 PM | A source to "South24": The control of the headquarters of Ataq Military Axis and the headquarters of the 30th Infantry Brigade

13:37 PM | In an interview with "South24", a political source said that all the military sites in Ataq are under the pro-government Southern Forces control. He explained that there is a local movement by the "resistance" to secure the remining districts of Shabwa.

13:26 PM | Two sources to "South24": The pro-government Southern Forces were able to control the 21st Brigade military camp in Ataq, Shabwa, and the control of the Shuhadaa' (Martyrs) military camp was completed.

11:35 am | The STC announces its condemnation of the chaos in Shabwa and affirms its support for all governor's measures, according to a statement by the STC spokesperson Ali Al-Kathiri. Al-Kathiri: "We declare our full support for all the measures announced by the governor of Shabwa, including holding those involved in this coup accountable and referring them to a judicery trial."

11:15 AM | Official source to "South24": The command and soldiers of the pro-Islah security police announces its surrender in the city of Ataq.

10:48 AM | Shabwa Governor in an official statement: We announce the start of a counter-military operation to impose security and stability in the governorate, the perpetrators of this failed coup will be held accountable. Whoever sold his land and cooperated with the Houthis has no foothold on the land of this governorate.

10:45 AM | Senior source for "South24": The governor of Shabwa officially announced the start of a military operation to purify the governorate and establish security

09:30 | Cautious calm on the streets of Ataq after the Southern Forces took control of most of the city's neighborhoods and its strategic security sites.

08:20 AM | Islah party media (Al-Masdar, Al-Mahariya, Balqees): A number of members of the Special Forces were killed and wounded by bombing, believed to be from a drone, today's morning.

08:15 AM | a source to "South24": The destruction of a tank belonging to the 21st Mika Brigade during the Southern Forces' control of the "Martyrs' Camp". During the past few days, the tank had intensively bombed Ataq Airport.

08:00 AM | An informed source to "South24": The "rebel" forces are currently stationed at the headquarters of the 21st Mika Brigade and Jalfouz security checkpoint at the southern entrance of Ataq.

07:30 AM | Informed source to "South24": The pro-government Southern Forces took control of the "Martyrs' Camp", which is the main headquarters of the commander of the Special Forces. 

03:00 AM | Violent clashes broke out with heavy weapons in the city of Ataq between the Southern Forces (the Giants Brigades and the Shabwa Defense Forces) and the soldiers accused of rebellion from the Special Forces and Ataq Military Axis.

01:00 AM | Pro-Islah gunmen from the security police stormed the Afia Hospital in Ataq, Shabwa, and deployed snipers on the building's roof.


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