The EU Opens Up to South and Stresses the Implementation of the Riyadh Agreement


Thu, 28-10-2021 03:34 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

The European Union expressed its support for the complete implementation of the Riyadh Agreement as "the basis for the reunification of institutions and to ensure security and service delivery" in South Yemen.

This came during meetings held by the ambassadors of Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden, on Wednesday, with Southern leaders and officials in the capital, Aden.

The STC President Aidrous Al-Zubaidi held a meeting with the ambassadors of the European Union at the STC headquarters in Tawahi, Aden.

The European Union Mission in Yemen tweeted about the meeting with Al-Zubaidi and indicated the need to implement the Riyadh Agreement, and stressed its full support for the Yemeni government at this critical time.

The STC official website published a statement, in which it said that Al-Zubaidi received the European delegation, which arrived in Aden yesterday evening, Tuesday, on an official visit.

The European delegation was headed by Marion Lalisse, the deputy Head of European Mission to Yemen.

It was noted that the flag of the former state of South Yemen was located next to the flag of the European Union at the meeting table that brought the two sides together in Aden.

Al-Zubaidi stressed that the visit of the European Union mission to Aden would contribute to advancing peace efforts and ending the war, as it represented support for the Saudi-sponsored Riyadh Agreement. He stressed the implementation of the remaining provisions of the agreement, "most notably the departure of pro-Islah forces from Abyan, Shabwa, and Wadi Hadramout, and the restructuring of the ministries of defense and interior."

Prospects for peace

Al-Zubaidi stressed the role of the STC and its security forces as an international partner in countering-terrorism and protecting international shipping lanes in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

The STC expressed its support for "the efforts of the UN envoy to reach a comprehensive peace process that ends the war in Yemen, and the importance of formulating a comprehensive peace process in which the STC will be a major party from the beginning as the representative of the people in South."

The European Union page also announced the meeting of the ambassadors with the governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas.

According to the twitter account, the ambassadors " strongly condemned the recent attack against Governor Lamlas and the Minister of Agriculture, and expressed support to his efforts to improve basic services in Aden."

In addition, the French embassy in Yemen said that the French Ambassador, Jean-Marie SAFA, discussed, in a "fruitful meeting", with the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Salem Al-Socotri, an "economic development project in the field of fisheries financed by France."

The European ambassadors had met Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak early Tuesday at the Maashiq Palace in Aden. They also met with some local community activists.

Meaning of the visit

Regarding the messages carried by this visit to Aden, journalist and political analyst Salah Al-Saqladi said that it reflects the accelerating pace of Europe and the international community, more than ever, “to put an end to the war and bring peace to Yemen and to curb the rapid collapse of the horrific living and humanitarian situation that preoccupies the international community.” As well as to pressure all parties to go for a comprehensive political settlement.

Al-Saqladi considered the meeting of the European delegation with the STC President, "in implementation of the UN assurances to involve the active forces in the upcoming settlement, and in continuation with the international political openness on the Southern side."

Yemen has been witnessing a seven-year war between the internationally recognized government and the Iranian-backed Houthis, which seized the capital Sanaa by force in 2014, and the war has caused the world worst humanitarian crisis.

The Houthis are close to completing their control of Marib city, the government last stronghold in North Yemen. They are now threatening the Southern governorate of Shabwa, after taking control of three strategic directorates without a fight.

On Wednesday, the Houthis announced that their forces had taken control of the districts of Al-Juba and Jabal Murad in Marib. The Saudi-led Coalition said its air strikes had killed 105 "rebels" in several areas in Marib. 

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Photo: EU delegation and STC officials, Wednesday, October 27, 2021 (official)

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