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The Governors of Aden and Shabwa Take Measures to Protect the Local Economy


Tue, 13-06-2023 04:57 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Yesterday, the governor of the capital city Aden, in South Yemen, issued a decision to suspend the governorate's revenues transfer to the Central Bank of Yemen.

AIC TV reported, according to an official source, that Aden governor Ahmed Lamlas directed to suspend the supply of Aden's revenues to the Central Bank.

A source close to Lamlas told "South24 Center" that the move came as a protest against the deterioration of services and the Yemeni government's inability to meet Aden's needs.

According to the source, the government did not commit to addressing service files, foremost of which is electricity, despite the continuous payment of Aden's revenues to the public treasury.

The source pointed out that the leadership of the governorate was forced to buy tons of emergency fuel recently to ensure the operation of electricity at the minimum level, at the heat of summer.

The source explained that the local authority used to get only 20% of these revenues to run the affairs of the governorate, while the rest goes to the Central Bank of Yemen.

In a similar step on the same day, the governor of Shabwa, Awad Al-Awlaki, suspended the transportation of crude oil outside the governorate. 

An official source in Shabwa told "South24 Center" that the governor issued a decision to stop the flow of crude oil trucks outside the governorate in response to the government's failure.

According to the source, dozens of trucks were going daily loaded with crude oil from Shabwa to Aden to supply the new power station in the city as part of the government's commitments.

The source criticized what it considered "the government's failure to meet Shabwa's needs for electricity and other services in return for the oil it takes."

These developments come in light of the accelerating collapse of the local currency, which lost its value by about 8% in one month against foreign currencies.

The services crisis is also exacerbating in Aden and other governorates. Electricity outages in Aden have reached more than half a day due to the depletion of fuel for power plants.

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) Presidency announced today its support for the move of the governor of Aden during a meeting.

The STC warned of the popular turmoil in South Yemen as a result of the deteriorating living and economic conditions, and accused the Yemeni government of failure.

The statement said that the STC is finalizing the work of the Southern Executive Command, which was formed by Aidrous Al-Zubaidi last May.

According to Al-Zubaidi's decision, the commission included the governors of the Southern governorates and the Southern ministers in the Yemeni government.

In a related context, the Presidential Leadership Council member Abdulrahman Al-Muharammi, called, on Sunday, for the dismissal of the Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik.

In press statements, Al-Muharammi accused Maeen of failing and not carrying out his duties. He said that he violated the public office and public money and did not do anything that could be done to improve the situation.

In a meeting yesterday of the Yemeni Cabinet, Maeen called on Saudi Arabia and the UAE to provide urgent support to the Yemeni economy.

Maeen said that the government is doing what it can do, and he held the Houthis responsible for the collapse of the economy and services in what he called the "Houthi economic war".

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