Photo: The Chairman of the Presidential Council Rashad Al-Alimi. May 21, 2022 (local media)

The PLC Chairman: The Southern Issue is Just as Result of the 1994 War


Sun, 22-05-2022 05:55 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

The chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) in Yemen, Rashad Al-Alimi, admitted on yesterday that the goals of Yemeni unity that took place in 1990 deteriorated into a civil war in 1994.

Al-Alimi said, in a speech on the 32nd anniversary of Yemeni unity: "May 22 was a day in history that transformed our political entity, before the situation deteriorated following a civil war whose negative impact were recognized by all the active political forces in the country."

He added that the war resulted in "unfair entitlements to the partners in South, as the just Southern cause was a pivotal issue in the comprehensive national dialogue conference."

"At every historical moment, the partners from North and South have gathered to bring about transformation, and we can do that now, because without the union we will have to wait for the fate of our country, which is determined by Iranian interference," Al-Alimi said.

Al-Alimi also expressed his hope to reach "a more participatory space in which Yemenis determine their future on the basis of coexistence." He also attacked the Houthis, saying that they "turned against the national consensus and sold themselves abroad."

Al-Alimi spoke about the new Presidential Council, and said that its establishment came to "overcome the bitter reality and try to stop the bloodshed and embody a message of peace and determination to achieve the will of the people."

Regarding the UN truce, which is about to end its second month, Al-Alimi said: "We stress the need to implement all the provisions of the truce, and the international community should pressure to complete the procedures for exchanging prisoners and detainees."

He stressed that "the economic issue will be a major priority for our work, and we will work together with the government of political competencies to activate exports and generate revenues so that we can pay the salaries of employees."

Al-Alimi also talked about absorbing the recently announced GCC financial support for Yemen, and stressed the commitment to improving services in all governorates, "in the forefront is the capital, Aden."

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