The Southern Forces ordered Immediate Investigation after the Death of a Young Yemeni Man


Fri, 10-09-2021 06:39 PM, Aden

Lahij (South24)

An informed military source confirmed that leaders of the "Support" Forces and the STC gave instructions for conducting an immediate investigation about the circumstances regarding the death of a Yemeni young man at a border checkpoint,  affiliated with the 9th Asifa Brigade.

The source revealed that the Brigade's command, represented by Brigadier General Farouk Al Kalouli gave instructions to detain those who are responsible for that,  and to open a thorough investigation about the incident for clarifying its circumstances and punishing the perpetrators.

The source added that an official statement about the incident will be issued during the next  hours, while the commanders of the 9th Asifa Brigade pledged to respect the spirit of truth, and to ensure that the investigation would include everyone involved in the incident.

Later, the official website of the STC said that Aidarous Al-Zubaidi directed the formation of a committee to investigate the circumstances of his death.

"The directives of the  STC President included the arrest of the checkpoint' personnel and to hold them accountable before the competent authorities in the Military Prosecution," according to the official spokesman for the Southern Armed Forces, Mohammad al-Naqib.

The Southern Forces affirmed their "rejection of any measures outside the law, and their protection of the rights of civilians in accordance with the law."

A military checkpoint, of the 9th Asifa Brigade, detained a suspected Yemeni young man "Abdul Malik Al-Sanabani" while  passing by Al Sabiha in the governorate of Lahij. Later, he was declared dead without clarifying any details about the circumstances of the incident.

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Photo: the Yemeni young man, Abd al-Malik al-Sanabani (Facebook).

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