STC President Aidrous Al-Zubaidi with a number of political Southern leaders (officials)

The STC Meets Southern Political Components in Aden


Sat, 01-04-2023 08:53 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Yesterday, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) met with a number of Southern political components in the capital city Aden, as part of a broad movement led by the STC's Southern National Dialogue Team.

The STC official website said that their President Aidrous Al-Zubaidi held a joint meeting at the STC headquarters with the leaders of a number of Southern political components.

The meeting included the head of the Peaceful Southern Movement Council, Ali Haitham Al-Gharib, who was former Minister of Justice. Head of the Political Bureau of the Revolutionary Movement Council "Hirak", Fadi Baoum.

The meeting also included the head of the Supreme Council for the Revolutionary Movement Council, Abd al-Raouf Zain al-Saqqaf, the Internal Southern National Dialogue team and a number of civil society figures.

According to the STC media, the meeting discussed the efforts of Southern rapprochement and the establishment of a unified political vision towards the future of South and the form of the state that the people demand.

The meeting reviewed the understandings reached by the Southern Dialogue team with the political components, in preparation for the establishment of the draft national charter and partnership between the various Southern powers.

This meeting came as part of important meetings chaired by Aidrous Al-Zubaidi, which included political, tribal and military figures from the governorates of Abyan, Shabwa and Hadramout.

Al-Zubaidi returned to Aden on March 22, after a visit to Russia. Meanwhile, the STC announced a restructuring plan for the Council aimed at including new personalities.

In a related context, the head of the External Southern National Dialogue Team, Ahmed Bin Fareed, said: "Our team, domestically and abroad, has held more than 200 meetings, which is the most comprehensive dialogue process in our political Southern history."

The Southern political forces, led by the STC, are calling for a special negotiating framework for South Issue in the negotiations to stop the war and the negotiations for a comprehensive political solution under the auspices of the United Nations.

These demands are among the new references for internationally recognized government, as stipulated in the Riyadh Agreement (2019) and the Riyadh Consultations (2022), which resulted in the formation of the Presidential Leadership Council.

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