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Yemeni Minister Alludes the Houthis' Involvement in Killing a Journalist


Thu, 16-06-2022 03:09 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

A Yemeni journalist and two others were killed, late on Wednesday, in an explosion targeting his personal vehicle in Al-Mansoura, Aden, South Yemen.

A security source told "South24" that a device planted in the car of journalist Saber Al-Haidari exploded while he was driving the car on the Enma Road, in Al-Mansoura district, Aden, led to his death.

The Hodeidah-born journalist Al-Haidari works for the Yemeni Ministry of Information and is a reporter for Japanese (NHK) TV, according to Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani.

Al-Eryani condemned the attack "in the strongest terms." He alluded to the involvement of the Iranian-backed "Houthi militia" in the incidence.

"He left Sanaa in 2017 after being harassed by the Houthi militia," Al-Eryani stated on Al-Haidari.

He further called for "a clear international stance regarding this heinous crime and all the crimes and violations committed by the Houthi militia... against journalists."

The Houthis have not responded to these accusations so far.

In early September 2021, journalist Mahmoud Al-Atmi, from Hodeidah governorate, was subjected to a similar assassination attempt in Aden, which resulted in the death of his wife and her unborn child. The Yemeni government at the time accused the Houthis for the attack.

Early June 2020, unidentified gunmen assassinated Nabil Al-Quaiti, one of the photographers accredited to the AFP, in Dar Saad district in Aden, after they shot him near his house.

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