The Supreme Judicial Council meeting in Aden. May 31, 2023 (official)

Yemen's Supreme Judicial Council Warns the Government From Obstructing its Work


Wed, 31-05-2023 04:40 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

The Yemeni Judicial Council warned, in a meeting today in the capital city Aden, the internationally recognized Yemeni government from obstructing the work of the judicial authority in the country.

The Council announced the suspension of its meetings "as a result of the lack of sufficient financial budget to fulfill obligations towards judges and administrators and to provide the necessary expenses."

"We express our regret at the way the government dealt with the budget of the judiciary that was approved by the Supreme Judicial Council at the end of last year," the statement added.

The statement accused the Yemeni government of "not considerating the financial and administrative independence of the judiciary guaranteed by constitutional and legal provisions".

The statement warned that this would lead to "the inability of the judiciary to carry out its duties and tasks and the negative repercussions of stopping the meetings of the Supreme Judicial Council."

Last August, the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) made extensive changes in the judiciary, including the reconfiguration of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Court.

Prior to that, the PLC had removed the pro-Islah military commander Ahmed Al-Moussai, from his position as the country's Attorney General and appointed Judge Qaher Mustafa in his place.

These changes contributed to the effective return of judicial activity in the capital city Aden, and other governorates, after years of stagnation.

The Yemeni government did not officially comment on these developments. The official Saba news agency published news about a joint meeting of the government with the presidency of the Yemeni Parliament.

The meeting discussed government economic and financial reforms, strengthening the work of the Central Bank, integration between the government and the House of Representatives, and other political aspects.

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